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  • Regular, periodic cleaning is the best overall assurance of a long life for your epoxy concrete coating and will keep it looking new. Sweep or below out loose dust and debris. Soap (laundry detergent, dish soap, etc) and water will clean 90% of all stains.

  • NEVER use any solvent-based cleaners. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS SUCH AS ACETONE, LAQUER THINNER, OR THE LIKE. Read label contents thoroughly

  • White vinegar and water is the best solution for cleaning hard water and rust stains.

  • Be careful not to scar the surface with sharp objects. Avoid dragging of heavy metal objects such as furniture.

  • Fertilizer should be removed immediately after application. Most fertilizers contain iron oxide, which will cause rust stains that are very difficult to remove once they have dried. Blow off all pellets, and wash the surface thoroughly after application for best results.

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